Expert Witness Awards 2022

Voting Closed

Lawyer Monthly Expert Witness Awards 2022

Voting Closed

Voting is now closed for the 2022 Lawyer Monthly Expert Witness Awards

Lawyer Monthly is pleased to announce that The Expert Witness Awards returns, succeeding a highly successful year and you have the opportunity of voting for who you think should be recognised for their important contribution to the legal industry.

Being an expert witness, of course, involves knowing every detail, risk, and outcome that might be of a particular scenario, and even if the Expert is experienced and thorough on all aspects of the scenario, discrepancies can only be found by the best.

With the past year throwing challenges our way, our winners this year will be recognised on their ability to overcome the difficulties of online assessments and evaluations, as well being a part of remote hearings disallowing the pandemic to prevent them from playing a significant role in the justice system.

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