Lawyer Monthly Expert Witness Awards 2022

Jeff Charlton Building Forensics Expert of the Year Jeff Charlton Building Forensics Ltd. 71-75 Shelton Street, London, WC2H 9JQ T: 08000 843 083 E: W: Managing Director, Building Forensics Ltd. About Jeff “I am the managing director and principle consultant of Building Forensics. I have been involved with contaminated buildings for 30 years and have spent the past 20 years specialising in mould, biological and chemical contaminates, often the cause of building related illness. “I am a board Certified Indoor Environmental Hygienist in USA and a qualified member of Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (UK). “It is important you have some confidence in the Indoor Environmental Hygienist you use and ask you to view my credentials. “Possibly my most important qualification is that I have CIRS and the double HLA gene. My Neuroquant shows three areas of atrophy and one of inflammation. For more information please click here. This makes me a little grumpy sometimes as I continue to often work 7 days a week. “I assisted the British Standards Institute by providing technical input to the new BS12999 and PAS 64 code of Practice in repair and decontamination of water damaged buildings. I m also part of the indoor environmental hygienist panel and was a contributor to the Biotoxin illness paper. I am currently a key member of the European emergency response panel on Terrorist and CBRN, and a member of the UK professional working group of CBRN response of Emergency Planners. “Building Forensics provide you with expertise to identify cause and effect of sick buildings which are often water damaged and result in building related illness. This includes building and design defect assessments, moisture mapping and identification and levels of mould and or other likely bio and chemical contaminates. We use state of art equipment including Infra-red thermal imaging, chemical air sampling and biological sampling including mould, bacteria, endotoxins etc. “At Building Forensics, we can often identify hidden contamination by air or surface sampling for both particles and chemical and biological agents which are associated with water damage and often resultant health issues.” 24

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