The Lawyer Monthly Expert Witness Awards 2021

LAWYER MONTHLY EXPERT WITNESS AWARDS 2021 - 48 - FORENSIC ACCOUNTING Contact DRC Forensics Ltd Kestrel Court, Harbour Road, Portishead, Bristol BS20 7AN Tel: +44 (0)1275 390407 | Fax: +44 (0)1275 390439 Mob: +44 (0)7891 492002 David Cook JP FCA MAE Chairman Chris Gahagan LLB FCA Associate Director DRC Forensics Ltd David Cook David is a Justice of the Peace, a Chartered Accountant, accredited by the Institute as a Forensic Accountant, A Member of the Academy of Experts, accredited by them as an Expert Witness, and is a member of the Professional Negligence Lawyers Association and the Society of Expert Witnesses. Chris Gahagan Chris is a Chartered Accountant, an Associate Member of the Academy of Experts and a member of the Society of Expert Witnesses with experience in commerce as well as professional practice. DRC Forensics Ltd We have considerable experience, with David in particular having given evidence in Court, both Criminal and Civil, on numerous occasions. The main areas that we cover are: Fraud • Money Laundering • Confiscation Orders • Loss of Profit or Earnings • Professional Negligence • Commercial Disputes • Business valuations, in dispute situations • Matrimonial disputes • Expert Determination We deal with a range of legal disputes involving money, criminal or civil. This needs a comprehensive knowledge of accounts, financial and business transactions combined with analytical and interpretive skills, direct involvement, ability to meet the requirements of the case and deadlines, a cost effective approach, the ability to produce a clear, independent report complying with the relevant CPR and to give evidence in Court and cope with the rigours of cross examination. They can be acting as: • A party expert for the Claimant/Prosecution or the Defence, which is the position in the majority of cases. • A Single Joint Expert, where, either the parties agree on this or the Court specifies it. This is often the case in Matrimonial disputes. • An Independent Expert to determine a financial dispute. This often arises under the terms of a contract, where it is specified that if the parties cannot agree, it will be determined by an Independent Accountant. • A Shadow Expert, which can arise with either a Single Joint or Independent Expert, where either party feel they would benefit from Forensic support/advice in dealing with their position. We have acted in all these capacities many times. UNITED KINGDOM

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