Lawyer Monthly Expert Witness Awards 2020

75 About Gregory Davis Mr. Davis is a Principal at Davis Marine Consulting Associates, LLC as of July 2018. Previously he was a Senior Managing Consultant at Engineering Systems, Inc. (ESi), as well as the Director of the Marine Practice Group. He is the founder and President of Davis and Company Ltd., the nation’s leading marine survey and loss investigation firm. He is an internationally recognized expert in marine forensics and marine survey Mr. Davis is a Fire and Explosion Investigator certified by the National Association of Fire Investigators, and a Marine Surveyor certified by the National Association of Marine Surveyors, Inc. He participated as a guest to the NFPA 921 Fire and Explosion committee to assist in authorship of the then new marine chapter. He is a member of the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME) serving on their O-45 Fire Protection and Safety Panel, MF1 Marine Forensics Panel and is Chair of MF10 Small Boat Forensics. He is a member of the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) having served on their Board of Directors and currently on the Technical Board, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) as a permanent member of the NFPA 303 Marinas and Boatyards fire safety standard committee, the International Association of Arson Investigators (IAAI), and other professional organizations. Mr. Davis has authored numerous articles on marine accidents and surveying that have been published in leading trade journals and at professional symposia. He speaks frequently at boating and marine industry conferences, and has been called upon to provide expert testimony at legal proceedings in state and federal courts. Areas of Specialization • Marine Forensics and Marine Survey • Marine Accident Investigation and Reconstruction • Failure Analysis, Safety Assessments, and Risk Analysis • Marine Fire and Explosion Origin and Cause Education • B.A., College of Santa Fe, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 1973 Professional Certifications/ Affiliations The American Boat and Yacht Council • Board of Directors, 1999-2005 • Technical Board, 2007- present • Hull Performance Project Technical Committee • Gas Detectors Project Technical Committee • ABYC Standards Certification, expires October 31, 2022 • ABYC Marine Law Symposium, Completion 2018 The American Society for Non Destructive Testing The National Association of Fire Investigators • Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator, August 2023 The National Association of Marine Surveyors • Certified Marine Surveyor, September 1978 • Chair, Education Committee, 2006-2008 • Chair, Yachts and Small Craft Technical Committee, 2000-2008 • Co-Chair, 41st Annual National Meeting Committee, 2003 The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME) • Technical panel member, O-45: Life Safety and Fire Protection • Technical panel member, MF-1: Forensics Engineering • Technical panel Chair: MF-10 Small Boat Forensics The National Fire Protection Association • Permanent Member, NFPA 303: Marinas and Boatyards • Marine Task force (industry Rep) Marine Chapter, NFPA 921: Fire and Explosion Guide • Research Planning Committee: Hazardous Voltage/Current in Marinas, Boatyards and Floating Buildings The National Transportation Safety Board Certificate of Training, Marine, Accident Investigation, January 2009 The National Marine Manufacturers Association Member, Boating Industry Risk Management Council, 1990-2011 A June 13, 2018 article in the Chicago Law bulletin reported on a project Greg Davis worked on for four years. He was initially hired by Cooney and Conway to provide expert services in determining the cause of the sinking of the boat for the estate of the boat owner. By the end of third year of the engagement he was engaged by all four plaintiffs in this Cook County, IL Civil action.. In May of 2014 four people were aboard the boat en route from Michigan City to Chicago on Lake Michigan when the boat sank at about 9:30 PM. Three of the four people died overnight in the frigid lake water. The sole survivor was discovered by an alert fisherman at about 6:00 AM the following day. The survivor was hospitalized, treated for hypothermia. The boat was recovered from the lake bottom in September of 2014 and put into secure storage by Cooney and Conway. The boat was inspected four times in the field with roughly 34 experts and others attending with Greg Davis managing the project. Items of interest were removed, inventoried, and placed into storage for later lab examination. The cause determination for the sinking was the disintegration of the port outdrive gimbal bearing, which ruptured the input shaft bellows allowing water to enter the engine compartment sinking the boat. The boat had been repaired due to an Allison prior to this sinking event. The families of three of the four people on board the boat in May 2014 and the sole survivor settled their lawsuit with the repairer and the boat management company in June, 2018, just prior to the scheduled trial date, for 28.5 million dollars. For more detailed information refer to the Chicago Law Bulletin article by Jordyn Reiland dated June 13, 2018.

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